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Excerpts from the Louisiana State Constitution
Relating to Education and its Funding, Property Taxes, and the Homestead Exemption
As excerpted from the La Senate Web Site, Nov. 15, 1999.
(as amended thru November, 1998)

These are the excerpts I've provided:

Exclusion in Orleans Parish for Police and Fire Protection, each for 5 Mills.
Found at
At that url, look to subsection E.

Ad Valorum Taxes [property tax, based on value]
found at/near
providing for ad valorum taxes, with exceptions.
with new exemptions in Jan 1, 2000 [see section G]

The homestead exemption
found at

Other property exemptions are also provided for
found at

relative to adjustments to the ad valorum taxes by assessors
mandates adjustments in the assessment due to changes in the homestead exemption
found at

found at
how the "revenue sharing fund" forumla is changed to offset tax revenue lost because of homestead exemptions

funding and apportionment for public schools

This subdomain to ComplianceOfficer.Com is published as a public service by John Ruskin, in the hope that enlarging the scope of discourse on Public School issues will lead to broader support. All Comments are welcome, regardless of perspective, in keeping with first amendment principles in a public forum.

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