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The Department of Education for the State of Louisiana provides data using its own grading system for school districts and schools.

This data is about 380k bytes, and, although an extensive amount of data [+- 1160 Schools'], the available data set does not contain the complete set of data which is found within their school-by-school presentation.

The statewide performance data is available at the State Department of Education's website, at

This URL worked in the week following the State's release of data. Initially, they provided it in the latest Microsoft Excel format (Office 98?), and I had to have a functionary provide it to me as an eMail attachment in another format. I was thereafter told that they would amend the website to account for the large number of folk who own other spreadsheets, or earlier versions.

Note: When this webpage was originally created, in 1999, the dataset was available for the time period. If this webpage reference no longer works, contact the Department of Education for that data, or more recent data. Historical datasets may be available from the State archives, and a request to them may help locate data.

If you have comments or questions on the implications of the State DOE use of scores and poverty, contact me.

This subdomain to ComplianceOfficer.Com is published as a public service by John Ruskin, in the hope that enlarging the scope of discourse on Public School issues will lead to broader support. All Comments are welcome, regardless of perspective, in keeping with first amendment principles in a public forum.

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