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Property Tax and the Louisiana Homestead Exemption

If you believe that, as I do, you recognize that funding is one-third of the foundation for a successful public school system.

Most people, I suspect, will acknowlege that; unfortunately, it is often grudgingly accepted.

In New Orleans, as elsewhere, public schools receive funding from several sources, the most important are State Grants/Payments, Property Taxes, and Sales Taxes. As elsewhere, those same funding sources support other governmental functions.

Although the genesis of this web site is the public school system, the questions I pose, below, are applicable to any property tax system for funding public functions, which includes a homestead exemption for homeowners. (The homestead exemption, in Louisiana, is rooted in the Louisiana Constitution - excerpts from that Constitution are available which include such issues as the homestead exemption, property taxes, and school funding)

All people, regardless of their stand on the homestead exemption, would agree that any tax system must be fair. What that means, in practice, is not agreed on.

Consider these issues:

Not easy questions.

The entire public discussion of support for the homestead exemption has been rendered to its least common denominator. The defense of the homestead exemption is an issue governed by the defense of voters' pocketbooks, a political stand well received because homeowers tend to vote more regularly.

Unfortunately, issues about tax fairness, and the necessity of funding public projects and services, do not gather sufficient interest.

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This subdomain to ComplianceOfficer.Com is published as a public service by John Ruskin, in the hope that enlarging the scope of discourse on Public School issues will lead to broader support. All Comments are welcome, regardless of perspective, in keeping with first amendment principles in a public forum.

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