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On why education is related to Freedom

"Education is not a privilege;

It is an obligation . . .

Of children to learn,

Parents to support,

And the public to fund."

Greetings !

This is the most important thing we do in Orleans Parish -- not recycling, not casinos, not attracting industry. When education succeeds, no affliction on the City of New Orleans will render its children immobile.

With education, we give them freedom.

If our municipal leaders fail in their own mission, and can not use these minds we grow, then our children will succeed elsewhere. If our city blossoms, they will stay with essential, priceless skills.

On the Relationship between Education, Poverty and Student Testing

The same data found in the pages of the Times-Picayune is available for all schools and school districts, statewide. The Department of Education has made this statewide performance data available on its website.

I've done some extensive evaluation of the statewide performance data. My evaluation was in greater depth than the media have provided lately. If you're curious about my analysis, and some interesting insights, contact me.

Also, if you have questions on how the State DOE defined score and poverty, contact me, or call the toll free number listed on their website.

On the Relationship between Freedom, Education and Standardized Tests

Some Surveys
I've thought often about public school issues, and I'm curious to read your thoughts. I've assembled these surveys for just that reason. (When I have assembled enough responses, I can send you the URL with a summary of the responses.) Crowds haven't answered, but the logs tell me lots of folk have read the survey; food for thought, then, at least.

Speak your peace in the surveys, eMail me, read the comments associated with each of these web pages, or read the discussion forum. Most importantly, do not fail to talk about these issues with your neighbors.

Orleans Parish School Board
Vacancy - District 6

You can read the School Board's application questionnaire, and my answers given to the School Board, on August 25th, 1999. I, and six other applicants, were interviewed by the school board during 20 minute sessions. My interview was September 3rd, 1999, the final interview. Ms. Anderson was selected by the Board; an election will be held in March, 2000 to fill out Mr. Bowers' term, and another election in late fall, 2000, for the next full term.
Orleans Parish School Board Web Site
The OPSB has its own website, located at I looked at the site on Nov. 2nd, '99. The site is organized in a "tree" fashion; most content around the site is suggested URL's, some of which repeat across various branches of the site's tree. Be sure to turn on image downloading, as the site does not have alt-text everywhere, and uses graphics to provide information in a few locations. You can find phone numbers for the schools on the site, but it is easier to look in the Blue Pages of the N.O. phonebook. There is also some summary information about the budget, and other reference information, which mostly includes the collection of outside URL's disbursed across the various pages.

You can add yourself to my School Board Issues Mailing List. (It won't be used for anything but school board related issues, and by me, only . . . .)

This subdomain to ComplianceOfficer.Com is published as a public service by John Ruskin, in the hope that enlarging the scope of discourse on Public School issues will lead to broader support. All Comments are welcome, regardless of perspective, in keeping with first amendment principles in a public forum.

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